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Thesis Outline

Students are required to submit a two-page, single spaced outline of their thesis project signed by the Primary Supervisor and other members of the Supervisory Committee (if applicable) no later than February 28 of their first year. The submission is to be via email to and should include the names of three faculty members the supervisors recommend as reviewers for the proposal stage.

The outline is intended to provide an overview of the intended project with respect to the following:

  1. Title
  2. Purpose (~ ¼ page)
  3. Background and Rationale (~ ¼ page)
  4. Empirical Objectives (~ ¼ page)
  5. Study Design and Methods (~ ¾ page)
    1. Data management and analysis strategy
  6. Ethical Considerations (~ ¼ page)
  7. Feasibility Issues (e.g. access to the required data) (~ ¼ page)
  8. Timeline for Proposal development and Project Completion noting key dates (additional ½ page)
  9. References (additional ¼ page)
  10. Name(s) and Signature(s) of Supervisor/Committee Members  & Date (additional ¼ page)

NOTE: Students with first-class standing who show exceptional promise in their research may be considered for promotion to our doctoral program in Epidemiology without completion of the Master’s degree. This is called completing a Mini-Master’s. Application to complete a Mini-Master’s is normally made following two terms of full-time enrollment, and prior to the end of the fifth term of study. Ideally, the Mini-Master’s option would be discussed at the thesis outline stage.