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The Department provides individual funding packages for full-time students (years 1 and 2) in the program, based upon the student's academic standing and on the sources of money available each year. These packages are funded through a combination of external awards, internal awards, internal departmental awards, teaching assistantships, graduate research assistant fellowships, and research assistantships.

Students are expected to apply for internal and external awards as part of these packages if they are eligible. Generally, minimum eligibility for awards is an 80% average over the past two years (or twenty courses) of study. Qualified first-class candidates (over 80% average) are automatically nominated for internal Queen's Fellowships and Graduate Awards once they are accepted into the program. The Department coordinates these applications, as well as those for external awards and assists students in their preparation.

Students may also receive departmental funding from their supervisors in the form of graduate research assistant fellowships. Supervisors may request a reasonable contribution of work from students whom they are supporting.  The department may also request a reasonable contribution of work from any student who is receiving more than half of their funding from central departmental awards. Research Assistantships not related to the student's thesis work are also available. These vary according to the availability of positions and are advertised through email to all current students. A limited number of teaching assistantships are available to second year students. Announcements about these positions are sent to all students in the summer of first year and applications are reviewed based on academic standing and relevant experience.

Full-time students are allowed to work an average of ten hours per week on non-thesis related projects including teaching assistantships.

For detailed and up to date information on available Awards and Scholarships visit the School of Graduate Studies website.