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Undergraduate Courses

Are you an undergraduate student interested in learning more about epidemiology, biostatistics or public health sciences?

The Department of Public Sciences contributes to the Queen's Faculty of Art and Science undergraduate program by offering three undergraduate courses to students in the Life Sciences program. In addition, we offer an undergraduate course in the Bachelor of Health Sciences program. 

Students enrolled in the Research Project in Epidemiology (EPID 499) are matched with our faculty supervisors as they complete a research project over both the fall and winter terms.

These undergraduate courses offer an ideal option for students interested in learning about multidisciplinary approaches to preventing disease and promoting health on a population-level. They are intended to provide students with a useful foundation for pursuing an advanced degree in Epidemiology or Public Health.

Questions? Feel free to contact:
Life Sciences Program Assistant

Course Descriptions

A brief overview of the undergraduate courses is below. An introductory statistics course such as STAT 263 is a pre-requisite. 

PREREQUISITE STAT 263 or equivalent, or permission of the Department. 3.0 credits.

An introduction to the fundamentals of health-related research methods with a focus on developing critical reasoning skills. Using examples from a wide range of health-related research topics, students will gain familiarity and skills to assess primary literature at a basic level. Throughout the course students will assess various aspects of both qualitative and quantitative research such as origins of research questions, development of study rationales, sampling and participant recruitment, data quality, strengths and limitations of various study designs, internal and external validity, ethics for research involving human subjects, and introduction to knowledge translation.

PREREQUISITE: Minimum 2nd year (Level 2) HSCI 190;STAT 263;BIOL 243;STAM 200;CHEE 209; ECON 250;GPHY 247;KNPE 251;NURS 323;POLS 385;PSYC 202;SOCY 211;STAT 267;STAT 367;COMM 162. Exclusion SOCY 210;GPHY 240; HLTH 252; PSYC 203; EPID 301; HLTH 323, or the permssion of the instructor.

NOTE: Proof of completion of CORE (Course on Research Ethics) must be provided the first week of class. 

Fall or Winter. 3.0 Credits

NOTE: This couse is part of the Bachelor of Health Sciences online. More course information is here.