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The thesis required for completion of the Master of Science in Epidemiology Program should be a scholarly work in which the student demonstrates scientific proficiency in a designated field of study using skills acquired through the program. Thesis supervision is provided by a Primary Supervisor who is a member of the Department and has designated School of Graduate Studies and Departmental authority to supervise MSc candidates.  Co-supervisors and advisors may be sought as needed. The Primary Supervisor will be responsible for securing the approval of the Program Director with respect to the composition of the Thesis Supervisory Committee (any co-supervisors and/or advisors or lack thereof).

The Primary Supervisor/Thesis Supervisory Committee (if applicable)’s role is to advise and direct the student with respect to methods, subject matter, scope, timing, etc.  This involves consultation with the student on all aspects of the thesis, arranging meetings (a minimum of three per term), reading, commenting on drafts and approving the thesis outline, proposal and thesis.

The Primary Supervisor will ensure a record is kept of the meetings that are held and their outcome.  The Primary Supervisor will ensure all required documentation is received by the Graduate Assistant according to set timelines for outlines, proposal and theses.  This documentation will include names of recommended potential reviewers.

The School of Graduate Studies’ Graduate Supervision Handbook offers graduate students, faculty, and other departmental members the guidelines needed to foster productive working relationships between supervisors and graduate students.

Four documents must be submitted in sequence to meet the thesis requirement for the Master of Science in Epidemiology program:

  • an outline due no later than the end of February of first year
  • a research proposal due no later than the end of June of first year
  • an ethics certificate for the thesis project due no later than October 31 of the second year
  • the thesis document due no later than August 31 of the second year