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The department will consider funding support to a full-time student in the program, based upon the student's academic standing and on the sources of funding available each year. The funding support is usually a combination of external internal awards, internal departmental awards, and research assistantships.

Students are expected to apply for internal awards as part of their packages if they are eligible. Generally, minimum eligibility for awards is an 80% average over the past two years (or twenty courses) of study. Qualified first-class candidates (over 80% average) are automatically considered for internal Queen's Fellowship and Graduate Awards once they are accepted into the program. The Department coordinates these applications, as well as those for external awards and assists students in their preparation.

Students may also receive funding from their supervisors in the form of research assistantships. Supervisors may request a reasonable contribution of work from students whom they are supporting.  The department may also request a reasonable contribution of work from any student who is receiving more than half of their funding from the central departmental awards. 

A limited number of teaching assistantships may be available to biostatistics students. Announcements about these positions are sent to all students in the summer prior to the beginning of the academic year and applications are reviewed based on academic standing and relevant experience.

Students conducting a practicum within Queen’s health research groups may receive research assistantships. Students are also encouraged to apply for external scholarships such as ACCELERATE Ontario - Ontario's Graduate Research Internship Program.


Internal Awards

See School of Graduate Studies information on Funding, Awards, Scholarships and Bursaries.

Internal awards do not require an application from graduate students. Many of these awards are part of funding packages communicated when applicants receive an offer of admission. These awards include:

Queen's Graduate Awards

Many full-time graduate students are eligible to receive Queen's Graduate Awards as part of their funding packages. Queen's Graduate Awards are administered by the School of Graduate Studies, based on recommendations from individual departments.

Departmental Awards

Most departments have internal awards and dedicated packages for students and almost all are based on academic merit. We recommend that you contact your department for the most up-to-date information.


Fellowships are based on academic merit and do not require an application from a graduate students.

Fellowships are established by university benefactors to lend additional financial support to our graduate students. Most fellowship nominations are adjudicated by the Fellowship Committee of the School of Graduate Studies through annual competitions. Others are administered by departments.

Fellowship awards range in value from several hundred dollars for one year to $40,000 for four years of doctoral study.