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Alyson Mahar's Story

Alyson Mahar has always been interested in equitable health care for all Canadians. After completing her MSc in epidemiology in the Department of Community Health and Epidemiology (now Public Health Sciences), Alyson knew that she wanted to continue her training in advanced epidemiologic and health services research methods and apply her new training to ensuring vulnerable Canadians received an equal opportunity for appropriate healthcare.

Arlanna Pugh's Story

Arlanna Pugh has always had a strong interest in science, and in learning how we can change the way we view and understand the world through experiments and research.  She carried these interests throughout high school along with her natural curiosity about human anatomy and physiology, disease, and how the various social determinants of health influence health and wellness.

Michael Reaume's Story

Michael Reaume was born and raised in Ottawa, and graduated from McGill University in 2016.

He developed an interest in medical research after he had the opportunity to work with the Ottawa Stroke Program as a summer student after his first year of university. His main responsibility was to perform a meta-analysis of studies related to the use of dynamic imaging in predicting clinical outcomes following intracerebral hemorrhage.