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Dr. Dongsheng Tu PhD
Dr. Dongsheng Tu
Professor, Department of Public Health Sciences and Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Senior Biostatistician, Canadian Cancer Trials Division, Queen's Cancer Research Institute
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Dongsheng Tu is a Senior Biostatistician in the Canadian Cancer Trials Group with appointments in both the Department of Public Health Sciences and Mathematics & Statistics. He came to Queen's in 1996 from the Therapeutic Products Directorate of Health Canada. His primary responsibilities are the design, management and analysis of the cancer clinical trials. He is also interested in the methodological research on the development and evaluation of statistical procedures for the design and analysis of cancer clinical trials and maintains an interest in the general mathematical theory of statistics.

He has a PhD from the Medical University of South Carolina.


Research on the cause, detection, prevention and treatment of cancer is one of the most active research areas in the health sciences. Clinical trial is a key component in the development of new drugs or procedures to treat the cancer or prevent the development of the cancer. Statistical methods play a pivotal role in the design and analysis of cancer clinical trials. Dr. Tu collaborates with clinicians in Canada and internationally in the conduct of both early and late phases of clinical trials in various disease areas.

Because of rapid progress in the understanding of cancer biology, many new drugs and treatment procedures have been developed in the recent years. New statistical methods are required to make the clinical trials evaluating these drugs and procedures more accurate and efficient. The main topic of his methodological research program is development and evaluation of new statistical methods with applications to the clinical trials conducted by the Canadian Cancer Trials Group. Current research areas include new statistical methods for the analysis of longitudinal quality of life data and biomarker development and assessments based on both survival and longitudinal outcomes. 


EPID 810 Controlled Clinical Trials

EPID 823 Advanced Methods in Biostatistics


Dr. Tu's publications are available on Pubmed and on Google Scholar.