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Dr. Bradley Stoner MD, PhD
Dr. Bradley Stoner
Professor and Head, Department of Public Health Sciences
Professor, Department of Medicine
Contact Info
Carruthers Hall, Room 210
613-533-6000 x79551


Dr. Bradley P. Stoner received the MA degree in Anthropology from McGill University, followed by MD and PhD degrees at Indiana University.  He then completed internal medicine residency training at Duke University Medical Center, and subsequently undertook infectious disease fellowship training at the University of Washington in Seattle.  Prior to his appointment at Queen’s, Dr. Stoner was an Associate Professor of Anthropology and Medicine at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, where he specialized in the clinical care and epidemiological analysis of sexually transmitted infections.  He is past-president of the American Sexually Transmitted Diseases Association (ASTDA), and is board-certified in infectious diseases and internal medicine.


Dr. Stoner’s research addresses social and behavioral determinants of STI/HIV risk, and clinical epidemiology of STIs.  Research projects have focused on elucidating political and economic underpinnings of health and illness; disparities in healthcare access; geography of STI/HIV risk; and the impact of sex partner networks on health seeking responses at individual and population levels.  Dr. Stoner regularly collaborates with colleagues across medical, public health, and social science fields to address complex issues in STD/HIV prevention and control. This work draws on advances in epidemiology, mathematical modeling, anthropology, and other disciplines.




Dr. Stoner's publication are available on PubMed.