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Adjunct Faculty

Name Title Organization Position
Dr. Beatriz Alvarado Adjunct Assistant Professor Ontario Cohort Study - KHSC Research Coordinator
Dr. Stephanie Belanger Adjunct Associate Professor Royal Military College Canada, Kingston Associate Scientific Director
Dr. Chris Booth Adjunct Professor Department of Oncology, Queen's Adjunct Professor
Dr. Susan Brogly Adjunct Associate Professor Department of Surgery, Queen's Adjunct Associate Professor
Dr. Michael Brundage Adjunct Professor Cancer Care and Epidemiology, Queen's Director
Dr. Samantha Buttemer Adjunct Assistant Professor School of Medicine Associate Program Director
Ms. Heather Candon Adjunct Lecturer Kingston Health Sciences Centre and Providence Care Director
Dr. Megan Carter Adjunct Assistant Professor

KFL&A Public Health, Kingston

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Research Associate
Dr. Andrew Day Adjunct Lecturer Clinical Research Centre, Kingston General Hospital, Kingston Senior Biostatistician
Dr. Ian Gemmill Adjunct Associate Professor Former Medical Officer of Health, KFL&A Public Health
Ms. Wilma Hopman Adjunct Lecturer Clinical Research Unit, KGH, Kingston Research Facilitator
Dr. Anna Majury Adjunct Assistant Professor Public Health Ontario Regional Medical Microbiologist
Ms. Susan Marlin Adjunct Lecturer Clinical Trials Ontario President and CEO
Dr. Michael McIsaac Associate Professor University of Prince Edward Island Associate Professor
Dr. Kieran Moore Adjunct Professor Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care Chief Medical Officer of Health
Mr. Patrick Norman Adjunct Lecturer Kingston General Hospital Health Research Institute Biostatistician
Dr. Christopher O'Callaghan Adjunct Professor Canadian Cancer Trials Group, Kingston Senior Investigator
Dr. John Queenan Adjunct Assistant Professor Department of Family Medicine Assistant Professor
Dr. Melanie Walker Adjunct Assistant Professor Department of Emergency Medicine Research Scientist
Dr. Wendy Wobeser Adjunct Associate Professor Department of Medicine Physician
Dr. Jina Zhang-Salomons Adjunct Lecturer Cancer Care and Epidemiology, Cancer Research Institute, Queen's Senior Biostatistician
Dr. Afshin Vafaei Adjunct Assistant Professor FUTUREGEN Project Research Associate
Dr. Erica Weir Adjunct Assistant Professor Department of Public Health Sciences & Department of Medicine Public Health Physician
Dr. Dick Zoutman Adjunct Professor Graduate Program in Health Care Quality Professor

Outside Kingston

Name Title Company Position
Dr. Michael Borghese Adjunct Assistant Professor Health Canada, Ottawa Epidemiologist
Dr. Grace Miao Adjunct Assistant Professor BORN, Ottawa Epidemiologist
Dr. William Pickett Adjunct Professor Brock University Associate Professor
Dr. Jim Thompson Adjunct Associate Professor Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Health Research Research Medical Consultant
Dr. Paul Villeneuve Adjunct Professor Carleton University Professor