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How to Apply

The PhD in Public Health Sciences program is administered under the rules and regulations of the School of Graduate Studies and applications are accepted under these regulations. If, at any point, you would like to confirm completion of your application, please contact the Graduate Assistant.

Although the program will provide assistance to viable applicants in their search for a supervisor, it is ultimately the applicant’s responsibility to find a faculty member (or members) who agrees to supervise their graduate research work. This process takes place prior to an offer of admission being made. The selection of a supervisor is a critical decision that impacts the quality of the student’s graduate experience and influences the student’s career path. At the time of making an application to the PhD program, students should have a fairly clear idea about what their research interests are and approach potential supervisors with similar interests.

To this end, applicants are advised to obtain information about potential supervisors and the environment in which they will be working. As a start, the Departmental website: provides profiles of all of our faculty members, including descriptions of their ongoing research. It is important that, whenever possible, the applicant meet with the potential supervisor to determine compatibility and have an opportunity to discuss issues such as expectations, research project support, identifying a thesis topic and scope, student funding, and strategies to ensure timely completion and quality work. The potential supervisor is required to provide a statement of support as part of the student’s application package to the program.

One of the conditions under which a supervisor can accept a doctoral student is that appropriate funding has been prearranged with the supervisor, who is often expected to underwrite at least half of the student funding package. Supervisors are often able to offer PhD students funding from their research grants. But students also have a responsibility to attempt to find funding by applying for internal awards and to external agencies. Therefore, students entering the doctoral program require high academic standing so that they are competitive for such awards. Potential faculty supervisors may work collaboratively with prospective students to identify internal and external sources of funding prior to acceptance and/or these applications can be made starting in the student’s first year in the program.