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PhD Program

  • PhD Public Health Sciences

  • PhD Public Health Sciences, Specialization in Epidemiology




The Department of Public Health Sciences has broadened its PhD program to include all areas of research expertise represented in our faculty including, but not limited to, epidemiology, qualitative, mixed- and community-based methods, the use of health and public-health services, program evaluation, clinical epidemiology, health equity, global health, indigenous health, and health economics.

Starting in September 2019, we will be offering a general PhD in Public Health Sciences and a PhD in Public Health Sciences , Specialization Field of Epidemiology.

Our programs place an emphasis on close faculty-student relations and a philosophy that puts the student first. Through coursework, thesis opportunities, and involvement in the academic life of our department, our students graduate with an in-depth understanding of public health research. Our graduates are able to function as independent investigators in academic, health-research institutes and health-research government agencies, or as emerging public-health leaders in government or the private sector.

Thesis areas cover a variety of fields within the broad areas of population and public health, health services and policy, and clinical epidemiology. Particular strengths of our faculty include, but are not limited to, cancer, mental health, physical activity and obesity, developmental disabilities, applied health economics, and social and contextual determinants of health. Our funding levels are competitive.

In addition to the formal aspects of our program, our doctoral candidates are encouraged to grow academically in the classroom, in our labs and research units, and in the broader scientific community.

(Note:  In the near future (expected start date of September 2020), we will also offer a PhD in Public Health Sciences, Specialization in Biostatistics.)

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